Thursday, June 2, 2011

armor king

armor king. 7.3K 800px-Armor_King_ver.
  • 7.3K 800px-Armor_King_ver.

  • billyboy
    Aug 16, 04:08 PM
    After fratting around trying to get the concept of a modular website finalised in my head, I seem to be in the domain now of php and mySQL/web driven database programming - the dogs nuts way to achieve my current plan for a bilingual site.

    We have the corporate image, we will provide all the artistic stuff, we want a dare I say, code head with an appreciation for snappy and very clean websites.

    As far as monies, we are not asking for a freebie, at all, I want this thing to rock, but I am not going to roll over to the corporate master programmers out there who spend more on coffeee accounts than most humans consume on running their cars.

    We are coming up with creative ways to finance various aspects of our project, some involve work now pay later, others are for a slice of a project's ownership. In the case of this website construction, anyone out there who seriously knows what they are doing, is inbetween jobs, or is striking out on their own and wants to earn good but not greedy money on a very good project please ask and I will send you our apparently well conceived and "detailed at a high level" spec (I can say it is good and detailed because one of these big time outfits thought it would be a really fun and novel addition to their CV, but hand over exorbitant sums, perlease)

    For the successful programmer we will ensure regular and meaningful payments till the bill is paid off in full.

    The quote has to be real world, not full of little tricks to add to the bill for a slight change in spec or maintain some sort of limiting control prohibiting us from being able to update our site whenever we want. (I was in the estimating game so I can smell an "extras motivated wide boy" from a mile off) and you have to like being pummeled with creativity, because our designer guy is Picasso on the PC.

    Interested parties please send me a PM. Our website is aimed at kids, so it is totally cool material.


    armor king. Com // quot;ARMOR KING, TOMORROW
  • Com // quot;ARMOR KING, TOMORROW

  • Jomskylark
    May 6, 06:45 PM

    For this upcoming Mother's Day I'd like to present her with a family photo, but overloaded with silly effects. Think clown nose, devil horns, and moustaches.

    Does anybody know of a good, free (or demo) app that can do this? I don't necessarily need those specific effects. Sorry for the short notice.


    PS. If nobody knows then I know of a couple iPhone apps that might be able to accomplish this, but I'd rather use my Mac.

    armor king. Com // quot;ARMOR KING, TOMORROW
  • Com // quot;ARMOR KING, TOMORROW

    Jun 19, 03:44 PM

    armor king. Armor King tekken 1
  • Armor King tekken 1

  • O and A
    Apr 6, 11:54 AM
    I'm still wondering if there are xserves in there.


    armor king. VII armor, King of England
  • VII armor, King of England

  • ucfgrad93
    Aug 4, 12:43 PM
    Spectacular, however, can you point me to a higher res picture? thanks :)

    I'm glad you like it, however, I don't remember where I got it. Sorry.:o

    armor king. BR Armor King
  • BR Armor King

  • Primejimbo
    Feb 27, 02:02 PM
    the idea of them are people who come from PC to Mac and they can use their existing monitor, mouse and keyboard.


    armor king. Armor King Image
  • Armor King Image

  • TuffLuffJimmy
    Apr 26, 11:30 AM
    Your out of luck. Under no circumstances will Apple EVER replace a product with another one that is not exactly the same! Period!

    While I agree that under those circumstances Apple is unlikely to make the swap I have to disprove your claim. My mom's 14 inch iBook's screen broke when our dog pulled the cord it was plugged into and knocked it to the floor (pre-magsafe days). She sent it into Apple where they so sweetly said they would repair it free of charge even though they didn't have to. It ended up taking a few weeks when they said they would have a new one for her in a couple of days. After a few times calling in to check on the status that never seemed to change, Apple sent her a brand new updated 12 inch powerbook! Another time a friend of mine spilled wine on the keyboard of his 2009 15 inch top of the line Macbook Pro. It worked for a few more months until it finally kaput. He took it into Apple just to see what they would do, not too optimistic. The Genius was awesome and gave him a brand new 2011 top of the line 15 incher!

    armor king. Armour King
  • Armour King

  • SummerBreeze
    Sep 24, 05:03 PM
    When I turned 18, I did what I wanted to do, but when I was at home I told my parents where I was going to go. Not necessairly "Hey, I'm gonna try out these new tips I read about in Cosmo" but where I was going and when I would be home. I figured that I was in charge of myself, but I should do the common courtesy of letting my parents know what was going on in my life.


    armor king. Armor King#39;s EWGF is more epic
  • Armor King#39;s EWGF is more epic

  • Moyank24
    Feb 9, 12:10 PM
    This feature is long overdue, but better late than never I guess.

    I think I can get used to this competition thing! Now I will wait patiently for my mobile hotspot.

    armor king. and Armor King characters,
  • and Armor King characters,

  • saxon48
    Aug 1, 07:21 PM

    Epic wallpaper is epic. Link please?


    armor king. 14-Jul-2009 21:46 228K
  • 14-Jul-2009 21:46 228K

  • 4JNA
    Feb 11, 09:15 AM
    Where can I find other distributed computing groups? I am interested in helping somebody but am not sure how many groups there are out there.


    walky on over to WIKI ( :D

    armor king. Tekken 6 AC Wallpaper 02
  • Tekken 6 AC Wallpaper 02

  • jayeskreezy
    Mar 6, 10:18 PM
    can everyone please list the links?


    armor king. armor king tekken 6. armor
  • armor king tekken 6. armor

  • jlyanks85
    Dec 26, 01:19 PM
    Double post

    armor king. Armor King
  • Armor King

  • patrick s.
    Dec 7, 09:29 AM
    those arent themes. the temp and weather are done by using GeekTool (

    HERE ( is the thread on this site describing all the scripts that are used.

    and the iTunes info is done by using BowTie (

    thanks :)

    I'm reading the thread now while I download geektool


    armor king. Armor King
  • Armor King

  • psychometry
    Oct 5, 07:27 PM
    Wow... that whole site is down. Too much traffic, or has Apple's top secret FBI assasin group struck again. One things for sure... don't "F" with those boys and their secrets.

    And to the Safari-haters, show some love. Safari might be a little short on features if you're used to Fox or Omni, but at the end of the day it's still the most elegant and simple browser out there, and it does have its strengths. It's RSS reader was pretty groundbreaking, and still is one of the best, it's one of the few browsers that actually handles fonts and anti-aliasing properly, and it renders CSS layouts very cleanly and without bugs for the most part. So don't hate so much. It's only going to get better every time.

    Safari's CSS is pretty good, but DOM support is lagging, in my opinion. I use Camino for general web browsing and Firefox with Firebug and other extensions for development. Maybe if Firefox 2 runs faster and leaks and uses less memory I'll use it for everything.

    IE7's RSS aggregator looks like it might shape out to be among the best.

    armor king. Armor King (アーマー・キング, Āmā Kingu?) is a member of a Mexican tribe who carries around the Jaguar masks that both King and Armor King wear.
  • Armor King (アーマー・キング, Āmā Kingu?) is a member of a Mexican tribe who carries around the Jaguar masks that both King and Armor King wear.

  • 0815
    Apr 7, 10:57 AM
    This had better fix the battery drain. Had enough of it now.

    Turn off ping - it's on by default. You can turn it off in the restrictions. I never used it but it was turned on by default. Did wonders to my battery life.


    armor king. Armor King
  • Armor King

  • tabegoro
    Apr 19, 04:33 PM
    I have an old hard drive with windows xp, and I was wondering if I could do a boot camp from this hard drive? I have a USB connector for it too. I see lots of threads talking about using an external hard drive, but I thought this was a little different. I also have the old laptop parts too in case they are needed.

    armor king. armor king i
  • armor king i

  • al404
    May 4, 08:54 AM
    if i didn't read wrong based on ifixit and the specs of card jumbo frames should be supported

    Broadcom BCM57765B0KMLG

    armor king. Tekken 6: King, Armor King and
  • Tekken 6: King, Armor King and

  • Daveway
    Feb 13, 12:24 PM
    And all the hazing we can do to you cannot compare to the mountain of spam your about to be burried under.

    Good luck, you'll need it. :p

    Hey! No hazing the poor newbies! Remember you were in there computer chairs once.

    Apr 30, 08:29 PM
    I just don't agree. Whatever they are ? So it it was short like or (fill in the underscore yourself), would they care then? I think they would. To me its all about image. Short is nice, but it should be NEUTRAL. The word 'me' does not fit the neutral part, just like 'sex' or 's__t' does not. Of course this is just opinion.

    Let me clairfy, I should of realized the Full OF Win would go to extremes. Anything that in public context is not offense or profane, which .Me is does not fall into. You get hung up a too much minor s__t. Fill in the blank.

    Mar 31, 06:45 PM
    Remove the peanut butter and jelly from your shirt first.

    Apr 5, 03:29 AM
    One more thing.. be sure to flash them one at a time with only the one you're flashing in. Then take that out and flash the other.

    What you're doing is actually a firmware down grade. Be sure to check that each is not already 5.1.3. Since they are used they may have the older version. It's funny how the newest is 5.3.2 yet 5.1.3 is the only one everyone has good results with on G4's.

    I have been through the SATA PCI card growing pains myself so I just wanted to offer my experience. Not that there are many pains at all but little things like proper firmware are very important. Once thats taken care of it will be 100% seamless and work like it's onboard SATA.

    EDIT: Right after posting this I see it's all taken care of now other than the wiring. Just go to a local PC shop and get the proper adapters. Maybe 1-2 bucks each.

    Nov 12, 09:38 PM
    It's a bit long, but this is a good read about the state of FCP by Philip Hodgetts (

    A very big reason people go w/FCP is because it can do a lot for very little money. If it was priced more in line with Avid Media Composer or Avid Adrenaline I'll bet dollars to doughnuts it wouldn't have become as popular. Apple's typical method of operation when it comes to the ProApps is buy existing software, rebrand it and drop the price dramatically. The most recent, and most radical example, is Apple Color. Apple took what was previously a $25,000 color grading application and tossed it into the Final Cut Suite at no extra charge.

    ProRes has only be around since FCP 6 and is one of the few additional features that Apple can really hang its hat on. While Premiere doesn't have any first part codecs along the same lines as ProRes it is more flexible and open to third party codecs than FCP is. A very good, and very popular, 3rd party codec is CineForm.


    Yeah I know Apple's policy on low pricing to sell hardware and I think it's brilliant. I don't know why they drop the software after a while though, discontinuing Shake didn't make any sense.

    I'll read the QT article.

    Feb 8, 07:42 PM
    My February desktop

    How do I get the cool weather widgets like that?
    New to Apple Computers! On my first one now and wanna do a little bit of customizing it! I just bought it Saturday!

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