Friday, July 1, 2011

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  • wallpaper Figure 3: n-Tier Architecture dbms architecture. dbms architecture

  • heidy12
    01-06 10:05 PM
    There is no problem in getting the H-1B approved by Co. B, and the position meet all the H-1B requirements.

    wallpaper wallpaper Figure 3: n-Tier Architecture dbms architecture. dbms architecture dbms tutorial. Please specify your DBMS
  • Please specify your DBMS

  • bobby123
    03-24 08:42 AM
    Yes, you can change your employer's from India but you need to go for stamping again at US Consulate and get a new VISA to enter into US.

    I went through same situation in 2008 and i'm in US now.

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  • Blog Feeds
    05-26 01:00 PM
    Until now, new inmates booked into the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) prison system had their fingerprints checked only for criminal history information. But now, each new inmate booked into the Huntsville, Texas, intake site will now also have his or her fingerprints checked by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) biometric system for any immigration record.

    The TDCJ prison system is the first in the United States to partner with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in this new program, called Secure Communities. This comprehensive program is intended to streamline the process by which ICE determines if the screened inmate is a criminal alien, subject to automatic removal after the inmate completes his or her prison term. Highest priority is given to inmate aliens who have been convicted of crimes such as rape, robbery, murder, kidnapping, and major drug offenses.

    Eventually all 24 intake sites in Texas will have the same capability to screen inmates’ immigration history. ICE currently partners with 50 counties and law enforcement agencies across the nation in the Secure Communities program, and looks to expand the program to all law enforcement agencies throughout the United States.

    More information about ICE's Secure Communities effort is available at ( Additional information about TDCJ’s partnership with ICE may be found at:

    More... (

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  • panky72
    06-11 01:11 AM
    I Am One Of The July Filers. Along With I-485 Application Last Year
    I Did Apply For Ead, But Didnt Apply For Ap.
    Can I Apply For Ap Along With Ead Renewal This Time?????
    Please Discuss


    Pd Eb3 Dec 2003
    July Filer For Ead

    Yes you can.


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  • RajahRajah
    06-05 01:49 PM
    Former president's Bill Clinton and George W. Bush were both in Canada last week. Neither one of them knew that you now require a passport to re-enter the U.S. as of June 1st, from Canada. That should give you an idea of just how tuned in these people are.

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  • ImmiUser
    02-02 06:15 AM
    Is there any list of H-1B sponsers who can sponser H1 for Dentist ?


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  • which the DBMS associated

  • nsb_immig
    01-01 04:12 PM

    I am on H1, have filed Labor on 10/30/2009 (awaiting decision) and still have 2 months to go before my 6th year of H1 starts.

    Now, i have plans for higher studies, but since i am a consultant/contractor and my projects are all over the US, I am planning to go full time (early 2011) either in US or outside.

    I checked with a friend if I should go full time in US and he told me that since i have filed Labor, i have shown 'immigration-intent' and therefore my F1/student visa request will be denied, since F1/student visa is a non-immigrant visa.

    Now my question to this forum of lawyers is, Is the above true for F1? Also, if it is true and due to that, if i plan to study outside USA and after my studies (which keep me out of US for more than an year) want to come back and work in USA, will my request for an H1 also be denied due to the same 'immigration-intent' i showed in my Labor process earlier, since H1 is again a non-immigrant visa?

    Thanks in Advance for your help !

    PS: I am a newbie in this forum. Pls let me know if any info is missing, or if such a concern has already been addressed in an earlier post, pls point me to the same.

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  • gc4arun
    07-06 11:34 AM

    Sending to TSC is fine as your 140 is approved from there. My 140 was approved from TSC and my 485 was send to TSC. I was worried that it was not send to NSC but I already got my rect numbers

    All the best



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  • ssdtm
    02-23 10:24 PM
    Per Cronin Memo, your wife is eligible for H4 visa.
    This is based on the feedback from a top attorney.

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  • GCwaitforever
    09-19 09:53 AM
    F1 is strictly non-immigrant VISA. So having family members in USA has a bearing on F1. On the other hand, bunch of H-1B applicants have relatives in USA. Also H-1B is dual intent VISA. So you should be OK with H-1B.

    Never lie or give any false information on the application.


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  • eb_retrogession
    01-23 07:41 PM

    As a part of immigrationVoice's efforts, we will need atleast some kind of media coverage to educate others of our problems, and of our efforts.

    We have started our work on this.

    On that note, if you guys have any popular regional/local print/TV/radio media, any names/email/contact, please post it on this thread.

    if you have a phone num/email and not comfortable posting on a public forum, pls send a note to with a subject title "Media" and it will go to the apporpriate people.

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  • chanduv23
    02-02 05:43 AM
    Depends on what field, there seem to be sponsers for chefs, physicians etc...


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  • ItIsNotFunny
    10-31 11:29 AM
    My employer will not withdraw my I-140. Should I still go ahead with AC21 or should I just do change of address with USCIS?
    I will be starting my new job pretty soon. Any useful suggestions appreciated.


    First, its a very very wrong assumption that your employer will not withdraw I-140. Sometimes even if they don't want to, to comply with govt. regulations they gotta do it.

    I would suggest not to get into a situation where you have to invoke AC21 till clouds are clear.

    Please do visit:

    Also, don't forget to mail.

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  • martinvisalaw
    07-08 07:28 PM
    No, no fee for an EADs or APs in this case


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  • B+ve
    08-13 04:08 PM
    My and spouse case have
    Priority Date - March 2004,
    Received Date - July 2nd, 2007
    Notice Date - Aug. 08, 2007

    My Kid's case has
    Priority Date - March 2004,
    Received Date - July 2nd, 2007
    Notice Date - Nov. 20, 2007 (As 08/23/2007 is the current processing time frame, my kid's Notice Date is out of current time frame)

    This is happened due to a rejection of my kid's 485 application initially during July 2007 fiasco due to the Old and New fee schedule implementaion of USCIS, even though we have remitted the correct fee.

    1) Do anybody know how USCIS will process our case?
    Like adjudicating my and spouse applications with out kid's applicaiton? Or none of the applications process?

    2) Taking an info pass appointment will do any favour on this case?

    3) Any other suggestions?


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  • rohitfromindia
    06-05 08:18 AM
    Hi, I applied for my green card (NY state) and have my priority date as 09/25/2003. I see the status as Pending on the backlog elimination center website. I have still not received any updates from them. My lawyers said they are still waiting to hear back from the BEC. Have they started processing Sep 2003 applications at this point?


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  • IntezarGCKA
    02-17 11:15 PM
    It won't be through any company. It would be through the school itself. If the school needs a teacher then it can file for his/her h1b.

    Thanks Godbless

    Does anyone know about a School that require teachers and apply their H1B.

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  • casinoroyale
    08-16 12:03 PM
    Anyone going to Ottawa on Sept 22nd? Please let me know.

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  • randallemery
    11-16 03:30 PM
    My wife and I, and the group I helped to start, American Families United (, was featured in this story in the New York Times here:

    09-09 07:51 PM
    Have you considered using a courier service such as Federal express or DHL?

    12-03 10:20 PM
    Sorry for off topic post but I need some help. I am applying for INDIAN passport for my daughter born in India. We are sending application via mail.

    There is a mention of Consent letter from parents on CG NY website. If anybody has format/template for consent letters by parents, can you please share the format?


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