Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • chi_shark
    12-10 02:41 PM
    I am told by my lawyers that the likelihood of a second RFE is "very slim". This is because apparently, USCIS will only send RFE if they dont have some information about you such as where you work and such. Once they have procedurally collected information (as they seem to have in your case), they might not come asking for the same info again...

    but - as you stated in your question... there is no way to tell for sure...

    sorry if this does not help.


    I received RFE (employment verification letter) from USCIS, texas center two years ago. I was still employed by the company who filed my GC application at that time. So the company replied and my case status was updated. But my PD was not current, so my case is still pending until now.

    I lost job recently, if my PD became current in early 2010, will USCIS EVL me again?

    I know no one can predict how USCIS works. I just want to check if anyone had experience that was checked employment status twice?



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  • dmdrn2829
    10-05 04:25 AM
    Yes, i765 is the EAD card. It will be issues eventhough your i140 is pending.

    question: Can one work for the sponsoring company using the ead even if i140 is still pending?


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  • TimeSaver
    05-19 07:39 PM
    No word from attorney, does any one have any concrete answer from previous experience or first hand knowledge?


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  • Blog Feeds
    12-18 03:40 PM
    Individuals who apply for a non-immigrant visa must be admissible to enter the United States. Inadmissible grounds to deny entry into the U.S. include, but not limited to the following:

    Communicable disease;
    Criminal record involving crimes of moral turpitude;
    Possession of or trafficking in a controlled substance;
    Trafficking persons;
    Involved in money laundering;
    Previously removed (deported) or previously overstayed a period of admission to the U.S.

    If a non-immigrant visa holder subsequently becomes inadmissible and thus ineligible to enter the United States, depending on the inadmissibility ground, the visa holder may apply in advance of travel for a temporary waiver of inadmissibility. The waiver application is applied directly to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) prior to travel. Along with the signed Form I-192, Application for Advance Permission to Enter as Nonimmigrant, the applicant must submit the filing fee of $545, an official police record from country of nationality, proof of citizenship, and supporting documentation regarding the inadmissibility showing rehabilitation and character reformation. For questions concerning eligibility of the temporary waiver application, or any other area of immigration, call Kraft & Associates at 214-999-9999.

    More... (


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  • shanky555
    10-21 11:46 AM
    If your parents have B1/B2 stamped and valid upto a future date, they dont need DATV.
    Otherwise , they do

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  • anjali.pap
    04-09 05:27 PM
    thanks a lot.Do i need to ask my new employer to do my labour,140 again if i choose to do H1b transfer?


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  • fromnaija
    08-29 01:09 PM
    I would say 30 days after August 23 since that is the latest advert you ran for the job.

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  • permfiling
    05-18 11:03 AM
    My LC and I-140 was approved with my ex-employer in CA.Now I have a oppurtunity to join my ex-employer in the east coast. Will I be able to file AOS if I join in a similar role and when my PD becomes current ? The immigration lawyer of my ex-employer told me that I have to join in the same location as my LC was approved to take advantage of AOS as it is location specific. Is it true?

    Member of north calif
    dontation : $500


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  • achu
    09-26 02:52 PM
    Technically, you can do that. But it's better for you to transer your case to consular processing if you are not planning to be in the US for a couple years.

    I forget to mention that it is for my wife. she is my dependent with EAD and AP. i know if she have green card she have to stay 6 months in usa. it that applies to EAD and AP also.

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  • satishku_2000
    09-22 12:37 AM

    My pending I-140 (filed an year ago...June 2006) was transferred from TSC to NSC on 09/05/2007, because my I-485 was filed with NSC. What date willl NSC use as received date to process my case...the date they received from TSC or the original receipt date?

    Isn't it(140 filed at TSC almost an year ago) supposed to be certified by now?
    TSC has been much faster at certifying 140s . Looks like USCIS is transferrring the 140s from TSC ... I can only pray for alll concurrent fileres that filed at TSC ...

    140s at NSC are almost taking an year according to latest processing times.

    Just curious did you have an RFE?


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  • stephsh
    11-26 03:51 AM
    Thanks, it doesnt generate an error so it should be alright. The panel still doesnt appear so I created it with asp:

    <asp:Panel ID="PanelSummary" runat="server" BorderColor="Black" BorderWidth="1" BorderStyle="Groove" Width="100" Height="300"></asp:Panel>

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  • TomPlate
    01-03 03:36 PM
    Did you called them????


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  • h1b_forever
    03-03 12:04 PM
    Is it possible to provide some kind of link to this forum from homepage

    We have created a new area on the forum to help IV members.
    Jobs and networking - Immigration Voice (

    It may not be visible on the homepage thread. This would be a separate area where members can share information.

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  • mamit
    02-26 05:57 AM
    Dear Fellas,

    I went for H1b Stamping a couple of months back. I was given a 221 g at that time and later on was asked for company's tax documents. During this time I did not hear any thing from US embassy in islamabad and got the same reply that my case was under administrative processing.

    yesterday I received a letter from US embassy saying that my petition was returned to INS. The whole process has been very frustrating and I even left a couple of good offers hoping that H1b will get through anyways I guess its over for me now......

    Did any one else face the same situation?? Will it do any good to reapply?


    Sorry to hear about it. Don't get discouraged though, you will find new offers soon, just keep trying. Remember that persistence creates luck. About the reapplying for visa, I guess you should first talk to your company about it and then with the lawyers who helped prepare the documents. I guess, that'd be good place to start with. In the mean time, keep an eye on the opportunities in your home country. Good luck.


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  • ramus
    08-20 09:28 AM
    Not sure why you creating same thread again..

    Here is old thread from you..

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  • meridiani.planum
    07-09 01:09 AM
    I believe you should be using your EAD + AC21 after 6 months of filing 485.
    did you check elsewhere in the forum, I have seena lot of communication about it before here.
    All the best !!

    you can use AC21 with H1 transfer also. Using EAD is not mandatory.


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  • BharatPremi
    03-06 10:25 PM

    After a long time I am logging into IV board. It was difficult period. Moved from TX to VA During January start. It took long to get me a good "matching" job and had to move on EAD. Sent the "proof of employment letter" to lawyer for AC21 notification.

    - BharatPremi

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  • coolpal
    03-30 05:20 PM
    I should say, compared to H1B, the risks of benching on EAD are far lower.
    But I guess there is nothing concrete to prove that you are ok without pay if you work on EAD... so it's always good that your employer pay at least the labor wage if possible.

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  • kpraveenn
    01-28 01:57 PM
    Lakshmi, Thank you for providing the link.

    07-02 09:51 AM
    There is a specific time frame where, when and how the ad must be placed. In addition, there has to be multiple forms of recruitment efforts to hire USC. Also, if beneficiary(You) is involved or has known that such ad is being placed, then the whole process need to restart.There are other steps like state wage determination etc that should happen before an appliation for PERM can be filed.In short, you may not be able to use just a monster ad to file PERM application.

    September 19th, 2004, 05:36 AM
    On paper, the D2X looks really great and certainly meets my expectations. Only time and testing will tell and I'll wait for the verdict to come in before I buy one. However, I'll be saving my pennies in anticipation that this camera will perform well. Nikon has not released any price information to their dealers but one told me to expect this puppy to be in the $4000 - $5000 price range.

    If this is as good as it looks perhaps Nikon users will be in the same boat as Canon users when it comes to finding new and used lenses. Now might be the time to pick up some good "surplus" Nikkor lenses that are all over the place.

    I see that the D2X will be using a CMOS sensor instead of a CCD. As a relative neophyte to digital photography I'm curious as to why they did this.

    Anyway, these are exciting times and this is exciting news. Hopefully the D2X will be a superb performer and I'll only have to buy the body instead of changing brands and having to buy everything all over again.

    Brad V.

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