Monday, June 27, 2011

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  • jags_e
    07-17 03:02 PM
    Is there any legal issues?

    Is it a good idea?

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  • waitin_toolong
    08-13 06:20 AM
    since your I-485 was filed with old fee you will have to file the appropriate fee with AP application as well as EAD each time you renew it.
    Everyone who was eligible to file under July bulleting will use that fee. $305

    From Faq2 published by USCIS.

    Q21: Will USCIS permit applicants who filed adjustment applications between July 2, 2007 – July 17, 2007, but who have not yet received a USCIS generated receipt notice, to file for Advance Parole and Employment Authorization based on proof of delivery of the I-485 application?
    A21. Yes.

    So you will need proof of delivery of I-485

    You ignore that part as it is not applicable to you. You either fill up part 6 or 7

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  • immigrationmatters30
    07-27 03:31 PM

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  • ak_2006
    04-27 08:54 AM
    Thanks for posting...Positve for us.


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  • lecter
    May 24th, 2004, 03:32 AM
    the settings will be in the EXIF

    an interesting shot........ needs something more to give it some Zing..... a tree perhaps?? (hard from thT ANGLE i AM SURE..


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  • pune_guy
    10-25 01:21 PM

    I was told by the staff at the center, where I did my FP, that one can do FP at any location in US. Just go to any nearest location at the same time and date as mentioned in the notice.

    I did the same. My FP appointment was in Oakland but I went to San Jose office. I had gone to the San Jose office a day before to find out if I can go there for FP and that is when they told me this.

    I suggest you ask your wife to go the local office a few days before her appointment and find out if she can go there for her FP appointment.


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  • k94
    01-15 05:04 PM
    I recently returned from an international trip (flew into JFK), and the only document that the CIS officer asked for was my AP. Based on what my lawyers had said, the only 'required' document is your AP, although it probably doesn't hurt to have copies of the LC, I-140, I-485 (more for peace of mind!).

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  • Blog Feeds
    03-08 01:00 PM
    Great tip from AILA for our H1B ( filers trying to beat the rush. Because you cannot submit an LCA earlier than six months prior to the beginning date of the period of intended employment (20 CFR � 655.730(b)), if you want your LCA in hand before April 1, then set your employment start date on the LCA for a date in September, and set the expiration date for a date no more than three years hence. File the I-129 with a start date of October 1, but with an expiration date that coincides with the expiration date of the LCA. You will lose a couple of days on the back end of the petition by doing this, but you will get the LCA filed and back before April 1.


    LCA start date: 9/1/10

    LCA end date: 8/31/13

    Form I-129 start date: 10/1/10

    Form I-129 end date: 8/31/13

    Due to delays in receiving approved LCAs, take the proper precautions and file your LCA early to avoid any undue delays.

    Although under certain circumstances USCIS has agreed to accept H-1B petitions for processing that include LCAs that have not been certified, attorneys should understand that if the LCA submitted with the H-1B petition is eventually denied, the H-1B ( will be denied, even if a subsequent certified LCA is submitted. This is even true where the denial is due to DOL error in not being able to verify a petitioner's FEIN. However, USCIS has also indicated that if the sole reason for failing to apply for an Extension of Status or Change of Status is due to DOL delay in the certification process, USCIS may look at the totality of the circumstances in determining whether to accept the late filing.

    Bottom line is that getting an approved LCA before April 1, 2010 is crucial. Pay attention to detail and get the files ready in advance is a must.

    More... (


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  • cool_guy_onnet1
    11-02 11:15 AM
    You pay 10% Penalty plus 30% taxes. Eitherway you will pay 30% taxes.
    Listen, Invest agressively. and if you make 10% gain... (RIO jumped 5% in a week!) you are fine.
    I religiously do IRA and would recommend to everyone.

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  • kowligi
    07-28 12:33 AM

    I need your advice in this Regard. My wife is currently on an H-4 Visa (valid until June 2009) and she got her H1 petition approved yesterday. While applying for her H1 this Apr 2008 she was not in USA as she was in India at that time (she went to India for 4 months Feb-June 08). My questions are as below (in Bold)

    1. I believe she should go to a US Consulate (we are thinking of going to Canada as we are Canadian Immigrants) before Oct 1, 2008 as she was not physically present in US when her H1 was being filed (correct me if I am wrong here)

    2. She is planning to go to the US consulate in Vancouver in Sep 08 to get her H1 Stamped. So let�s say she goes on sep 3rd to attend the Visa Interview and gets her H1 stamped, when does the H1 visa validity actually start?

    2a. Will the H1 visa validity start right away or in the last week of Sep? (I am guessing last week of sep..correct me if I am wrong)
    2b. Will they cancel her existing H4 visa right away as they issued her a H1?

    The reason I ask this, if her Visa Validity starts at the end of Sep can she come back to US on her existing H4 after she attends the H1 interview in the first week of sep.

    3. I read in a previous post here that while your H1 processing is going on it is not advisable to travel out of US with H1 receipt number and no approval. As stated above my wife did travel from Feb 08 (before the H1 was filed in Apr 08) to June 08. We got the H1 B approval on July 27, 2008. So does this hamper her chances for getting her Visa Stamped when attending her Visa Interview in Vancouver?

    4. Does anyone know how long the Visa Processing Times in Vancouver is?

    Can the gurus or people who have faced similar situation please answer my queries above as I need to do the necessary ASAP.

    Sorry if these questions are being repetitive as I was not able to find the relevant thread for my answers.

    Thanks in Advance!!!


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  • nashim
    05-28 03:01 PM
    Q.#11 the date USCIS recieved the application.

    Q. #15 Current Immigration Status ... AOS.

    Q.#16 Eligibility under 8 CFR 274a.12 ... Selected (c)(9)().

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  • raju123
    01-21 05:53 PM
    This is a Reuter news and going to be pick by many news agency. It was already posted in our News Thread.

    U.S. companies are also clamoring for more H1B visas to allow foreign software engineers and other skilled workers into the country.

    The 65,000 visas allotted for 2007 were taken by the end of May last year, months before the end of the fiscal year in September, said Jack Krumholtz, the head of Microsoft Corp.'s government affairs office. It is also difficult to get permanent U.S. residency for foreign workers who would like to stay, he said.

    "This is becoming for high-tech companies a huge retention issue," Krumholtz said. "We will start to see highly valued tech employees emigrate back to their home countries."


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  • new2gc
    06-24 10:14 AM
    Here is the USCIS official URL page/ press release:

    Now the PERM takes 2years... whats the difference for new guys? My friend stuck in labour for almost 15 months now. got RFE, replied to it and stood stand still..

    But this helps for someone who filed during July'07 fiasco and waiting though. I got mine approved in late feb'09 (filed in July 07).

    Something is better than nothing.... :-)

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  • delhikadesi
    04-10 02:30 AM
    Thanks for sharing!!


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  • amulchandra
    03-26 02:49 PM
    Someone posted their experience on H1B visastamp forum with topic hyderabad consulate. He got his visa it seems.
    Hope this helps


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  • indio0617
    12-15 09:06 AM
    In very simple terms : Progressive experience means your job responsibilities increase with time.

    Have a question related to that:

    If job / EB2 stipulates Bachelors + 5 years criteria, does it imply 5 years after obtaining the degree or can the experience be cumulative ?


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  • sourabh27
    06-29 02:42 PM
    I am stuck in a similar situation in Mumbai. It is the 4th week running.
    when did you finally get yours done ?

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  • dealsnet
    06-16 03:29 PM
    Spend some time and read answers for the same question asked by people over and over again.
    He want EB2 through employee, not employer.:eek:

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    07-15 12:09 AM
    Good Job Geesee,

    This is a good avenue for highlighting our issues. I will send her a letter also about retrogression and FBI namecheck issues.

    08-24 04:29 PM
    What does LUD mean?

    11-27 12:09 PM
    Once every check is completed it goes into a queue and then every month a list goes to an officer based on the priority date and visa availability

    The best thing is to call them as soon as the processing dates go past your application date. Call them to find out about ur case. At that time they are open about ur case. They will let you know exactly if your name check is cleared.

    They also mentioned that once everything is in place the files goes to the office and then it might take up to 90 days for the officer to make a decision.

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