Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • arkrish68
    02-19 06:06 PM
    Dear All,

    It seems my company had audit and my employer was asked to submit client letters for all employees.

    Q's is will it have any impact on 485 process for the employees in case of any issues in the company in other areas ?

    Please let me know.

    Is it possible for you to share your companies name which is being audited.

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  • delhirocks
    07-23 07:29 PM
    Interesting situation. Technically you will be better off on H1 (since you have that approved for 3 years). I would do that if I were you.

    Only issue I can think off is, f your husband (Iam assuming primary 485 applicant), would move over to EAD (after Sep-07), would that impact your H1 in any way(I don't think it should).

    I'll let someone more knowledgable answer that

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  • buntee2
    06-20 02:25 PM
    Submission Date: June 9th
    Receipt Date: June 10th
    Receipt Notice Sent on: June 20th
    Approval Date: Pending

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  • smiledoc
    03-13 04:19 PM
    Thanks a lot for the info ashkam.
    One more question...if by chance, God forbid, we dont get our EAD renewal in time, will it impact my studies during the short gap that the new EAD has not come?


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  • Lord Rahl
    03-26 02:14 PM
    Odd, I can't see anything. Link comes up blank for me.

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  • black_logs
    01-17 09:29 AM

    during our meeting with the lobbyists in Washington D.C. one thing stood clear. We have to get our employers in the big picture and we need to meet the lawmakers. For this we are going to start this effort �Meet the lawmakers�. The material and corresponding will eventually come from the Lobbying firm. But in the mean time we need to build the team. Immigrationvoice Board of directors has given me the responsibility to build this specific team. Those who have will to give their best to this task Please contact me on we�ll get started here.



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  • desi3933
    06-28 01:44 PM
    The Department of State has published a pamphlet educating nonimmigrant visa holders on their rights. The pamphlet covers the visa process, important documents, workplace and employee rights, human trafficking, and how to file a complaint. This is a very useful document, not just for immigrants. See here ( to download.

    Thanks so much. Greatly apreciated.

    May I ask you a quick question -

    Is Employer required, by law, for H-1B fling for qualified job applicant? My understanding is that it is upto the employer whether to file any visa sponsorship (including H-1B) for applicant. And its' employer's choice to put "No visa sponsorship" in the job advertisement.

    Thanks so much.


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  • eastindia
    10-15 11:59 AM
    Is that all US citizens of India origin do in USA politically?

    They only care about such news and feel happy?

    And who are these so called Indian leaders shown in the video? What have they done for us.

    What BS .

    I am amazed that people are posting this link and feeling happy about it on the forum.


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  • pa_arora
    08-07 07:12 PM
    500 dollar question.

    LUD: Last Updated Date.
    RD: Received Date
    AD: Approval Date

    Just being proactive here and telling u all the 'dates' so that u done open a new thread for the other ones tomorrow. ;-)

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  • sembat
    08-17 04:15 PM

    I have a pending 485 application under EB3 category through my wife's application. However, recently her employer applied for the EB3-EB2 change since she already qualifies for EB2. I understand that the priority date remains the same. In our case the priority date is Feb 05. I wanted to know what will be the process going forward. Currently the EB3-EB2 application is on the PERM labor state. Once that gets approved does it mean that our I485 will be adjudicated immediately since for EB2 the priority date has already gone past ours (feb 05)? Or we will need to then apply for another I-140?

    If anyone knows the process of EB3 to EB2 transfer can he/she kindly post it?



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  • gcpower1
    01-27 07:24 PM
    Visa Number is just created for ASIAN people not any one else. Visa Numbers are allocated before M.L.King and not revised since then and never revised.

    How stupid we are still asking number insted of solution.

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  • Shawn
    April 1st, 2005, 08:48 PM
    You might want to check out this link:
    To me it seems like his pictures are superb and it seems like you are following his style. But he seems to have perfected his art. If you haven't seen his site than please, do check it out.


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  • moonrah
    12-26 06:21 PM
    this is not a major layoffs...will it still impact?

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  • smarth
    02-14 11:54 AM
    can someone please give answer to this?


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  • ss777
    02-12 09:34 PM
    One of the questions on I-140 RFE goes like this:
    "Submit evidence that the alien obtained the required two(2) years of programmer analyst experience in the job offered before the priority date was established on June 26, 2006. Evidence ...."

    In reality the labor was filled for this EB3 I-140 in August 2003. This is not a substitution. I dont understand what they mean by "establised on June 26, 2006"? Can someone interpret this?

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  • aquagirl
    07-12 01:08 PM
    My employer had sent my H-1 application in May first week, but he didn't even receive the EAC number till last week. So, he re-filed my H-1, this time by premium processing and its been a week, and still no EAC number. Is anyone having the same delays as me? If so, is there any way to contact someone or get the status of my application? Looking for an urgent response. Thanks,


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  • Blog Feeds
    01-20 07:00 AM
    AILA Leadership Has Just Posted the Following: (

    Sometimes, there are no words to describe someone's insensitivity. You just have to let them express it themselves. So, I give you the words of Reprsentative Steve King (R. Iowa), explaiing why TPS for Haitians is not necessary:

    Illegal immigrants from Haiti have no reason to fear deportation, but if they
    are deported, Haiti is in great need of relief workers and many of them could be
    a big help to their fellow Haitians.

    Rep. King's statement is reminiscent of Scrooge's statement from "The Christmas Carol:"

    First Collector: At this festive time of year, Mr. Scrooge, it is more than usually desirable that we should make some slight provision for the poor and destitute.
    Ebenezer: Are there no prisons?
    First Collector: Plenty of prisons.
    Ebenezer: And the union workhouses - are they still in operation?
    First Collector: They are. I wish I could say they were not.
    Ebenezer: Oh, from what you said at first I was afraid that something had happened to stop them in their useful course. I'm very glad to hear it.

    Congratulations Representative King. You have reached the level of Ebenezer Scrooge in your feelings for suffering immigrants. I am sure you are proud of yourself.


    [url=]More... (

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  • needhelp!
    09-12 04:02 PM
    I see that you just became a member of IV. Welcome to this strong and active community of people just like you!!

    I don't have your answer, I just hope that you will be an active and contributing (not just money, time and effort as well) member and will help IV achieve the greatest good in terms of the green card process reform. Ofcourse you will benefit from it yourself.

    You can do something right away!
    I suggest you check out the Media Campaign thread (
    The Signature Petition thread (
    and the Funding Drive thread (

    Welcome aboard!! I am sure you will be getting your answer pretty quick.

    And last but not the least, the best thing you can do is to attend the DC rally on Sept 18.

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  • RNGC
    04-07 04:54 PM
    If USCIS cannot handle 1 legal million immigrant applications, how they are going to manage 12-20 million applications by the illegal aliens...its going to come soon...

    08-04 09:26 PM
    ^ Bump

    09-24 07:46 PM

    I got notices from CSC too yesterday. The notice has a receipt date of Sep. 18, 2007 and a notice date of Sep. 19, 2007. The notice says that my petition was filed at CSC which is not the correct service center and has been transferred to NSC. NSC will be getting back to me with action taken. The notice has no information regarding Priority date or Attorney inspite of having a approved I140 and G-28 form included in the petitions

    I immediately contacted my Attorney. Turns out we had Fedexed the applications on July 20th to the NSC and was recieved at the NSC on July 23rd. According to the attorneys, NSC probably transferred applications across various service centers for data entry and these applications are now being transferred back to NSC. It is very likley that the actual receipts will be issued by NSC. To play it safe, my attorneys will be sending a letter to the NSC documenting this and requesting that they be sent the correspondence from hereon.

    Hopefully, thats what it is. Have you asked your attorneys their opinion?

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